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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

All I have to say is WOW!!!

So I was given a fair amount of warning that my emotions/hormones would be out of wack for a little while after having a baby....so I thought that meant for a month or so. But I was wrong!!! Brooklynn is 2 1/2 months old and I have cried so much in the last week and I'm not always sure why I'm sad/upset. The bad part of it is I think Robbie gets the brunt of it. He is an amazing husband and father and always does what is best for us and I feel like I'm always crying or complaining about something. I sure hope these hormones fix themselves soon otherwise I don't know what I'll do with myself.....

I do just have to complain about a nurse practioner we took Brooklynn to for her 2 month appointment. The NICU recommended we take her to a pediatrictian because she was a preemie instead of just taking her to a physician assistant that I work with and trust so we took their advice and found one that was in our area.

We made our list of questions to ask her so we wouldn't forget and the nurse wrote them all down and the NP came in and just breezed through them all and then she examined Brooklynn but it was like she was almost scared to touch her. I guess I'm used to the doctors and PA's and NP's that I work with that act like every kid that comes in is their own. And then when it came to the formula issue (we've tried Brooklynn on 4 different formulas to help supplement her to gain weight faster and every single one upsets her stomach HORRIBLY and we just have to sit and listen to her cry as she tries to have bowel movements) we felt like she didn't really listen to us and she just said here try this formula and we'll check her next week....what do you know...the exact same thing happened so we took her off the formula ourselves and decided we would just take her to the PA I work with and get his advice.

Brooklynn had to have her 2 month shots and we've had so much troubles with her shots that I'm getting so irritated!!! To start with...the hospital told us she was too small so she shouldn't get her first Hep B until her 2 month appt but yet it got sent into the health department that she actually got her shot. So we explained that to the NP and she said that we would wait to give her the Hep B until we found out for sure that she actually didn't get it....well I just found out today that the pediatricians office still gave her the shot even though they told us they were going to wait and since we had taken Brooklynn to the PA at my office we were under the impression she hadn't got the shot so they gave it to her. Then as I was looking at her shot record the dumb nurse at the pediatricians office didn't mark that she got one immunization and all she said was "oh I guess I forgot to mark that one"....um that kind of would of put us in a mess when she went to get the next shot. Grrrr. I'm just glad we're not going back to that office EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! We're taking her to see someone that we can trust and will listen to our concerns.

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