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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Brooklynn's Blessing

     We blessed Brooklynn on Sunday at my mom's ward. It was a beautiful day and the blessing was wonderful! We didn't get a lot of pics of Brooklynn in her dress but I think I'm going to have some taken cuz she just looked so cute! 
     Robbie did a great job at blessing her. It was funny because they announced that I was the mother (using my maiden name) and then saying Brooklynn was going to be blessed by her uncle, Robert Chaffin (not sure where they got that from!!!). My mom had it corrected though. 
     Robbie blessed her that she would continue to grow strong, blessed that the angels watching over her would remain watching over her (she has many of them), she would be an example to her parents, friends and family, she would find an eternal companion and marry him in the temple and do genealogy work for her ancestors. That's all that I remember. Robbie said there is a lady in my mom's ward that is going to transcribe the blessing and then give it to my mom. I'm excited to see it all again. 
     We had a lot of friends and family come to support us!! The people in the circle were (for me to remember): Robbie, RJ Arnold (my dad), Grandpa Roland Arnold (my grandpa), Steve Warner (my uncle), Josh Montross (my brother-in-law), Bob Tucker (Robbie's dad), Grandpa Royce MacKay (Robbie's grandpa), Tim Gilson (Robbie's friend), Brian Herbst (family friend). 

 The Proud Parents
 The grandparents on my side of the family. Top Row: Me, Robbie, My mom, my dad, Grandpa Arnold
Bottom: Granny Dee, Grandma Benard (holding Brooklynn), Grandma Arnold

 4 Generations: Me, My mom
Granny Dee, Grandma Benard, Grandma Arnold

 Robbie, Me Grandma Renie (Robbie's grandma)

 Robbie's immediate family that was there: Me, Robbie, Bob, Patty
Josh, Katy (missing Stephanie, Jeff, MacKayla and Tyler)
My mom made a note of this pic that it looked like Katy's baby so we switched her and Josh spots

 Robert (Robbie's dad), Robbie
Grandpa Chaffin, Grandma Chaffin (This is their first great grandchild)

 All the aunts and uncles of Brooklynn. Back Row from left to Right: Dave (my uncle), Suzi (my sis in law), Jeff (my brother), AJ (my brother), KayC (my uncle), Steve (my uncle), Mike (my uncle)
2nd Row, left to right: Jen (my sister), Josh (my bro-in-law), Clark (Robbie's uncle), Corinne (my aunt), Suzanne (my aunt)
Front row: Katy (Robbie's sis), Besty (Robbie's aunt), Ronnie (Robbie's uncle)

We are so grateful for all the family and friends that came! For a lot of them this was the first time to see/hold Brooklynn so I was glad everyone came! We are blessed with wonderful family.

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