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Thursday, March 8, 2012

2 Months

I can't believe Brooklynn is already 2 months (she's actually 2 1/2 months now). I don't know what we did before we had her but we sure love her!!! She's a really happy baby as long as she doesn't have formula in her system or I eat dairy or chocolate....yup that means no chocolate for me. :( But I'll sacrifice it for now!!!

She is in 1 percentile for weight. She is now 7 lbs and 1 oz which she gained while we had her on formula but it tears up her stomach. She cries so hard when she's trying to have a bowel movement and is really gassy and it's awful. There have been multiple days I will just sit and cry with her because she is in pain. We have tried 4 different formulas and none have seemed to work. We have diluted the formula and that still doesn't seem to help. We have tried soy milk and so we're not sure what the next step is but I hope we can find something that causes her not to be in pain. I'm sure we probably have to give it longer but we'll see what the PA says when I talk to him on Monday as to what he recommends. He says she's gaining weight just on breast milk but just not fast enough but the neonatologist in the hospital told us that it may take awhile to catch up but she will eventually catch up.

She's in 7 percentile for her height. She is 20 inches long. She has legs kind of like a frog. I love watching her get a bath (my mom usually gives her one). It's so cute!! I think she will be pretty tall when she's older because both Robbie and I are tall.

She's in 10 percentile for her head. I think she's just small all together cuz she was premature. I still just look at her and it seems like she gets bigger every day. She still doesn't really fit in any newborn clothes but she's outgrown the preemies so she has really baggy clothes. We have so many clothes that I can't wait for her to fit in but I'm sure that will come soon enough.

We love having her in our life. Within the last few weeks she has started smiling a whole lot more and "talking" to us. I love it. She has this cute little squeal she does if she thinks we're not paying attention to her. She still is running the show. If I wake her up to eat then she gets mad the food isn't in her mouth right then and lets us know it. She recognizes me and Robbie and smiles a lot more to Robbie than to me but I've had 2 different times where someone was holding her and she started crying and they handed her back to me and she stopped....that's one thing I've looked forward to FOR SO LONG and it's finally happening!!! I love it.

I love being a mom. There are days I get frustrated because she can't tell me exactly what she needs but I think we've got her cries down pretty good. She is a pretty content baby and I'm just so glad I am blessed to be a mother. I know I'm probably not doing things the way other people would do them but I'm just trying to trust my instinct. I had a friend tell me that it just will come naturally and you'll know what to do...and it has.


Kelly said...

so happy for your little family

Nate + Callie said...

She's such a sweet little bug!! The twins took a while to catch up growth wise, too...but boy, have they!! She'll be there before you know it! We sure miss you guys!