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Monday, March 10, 2014

I'm Back!!!!

I haven't blogged in FOREVER!!!! I really don't have any valid excuse other than I felt like nobody really read it so why blog?? I haven't been on my computer much and I can't pull it up from my ipad so I just haven't done it. I feel like tonight I should start again. There's been so much going on and I'm sure I can't catch up on everything but I guess I can try!

August: We bought our first house out in Eagle Mountain! I love the area that we're in but I remember saying goodbye to Robbie's grandma (where we had been staying for the last year and a half) and left crying because I knew it wouldn't be the same. It was so awesome living with them but at the same time so hard because I wanted our own space. I wanted Brooklynn to have a room of her own. I wanted to be able to bake and make cakes again. If I could do it over again I would still stay with them. I learned what amazing people they are and I became so close to them. I have nothing but good to say about them. To put up with us for a year and a half when it was only suppose to be 6 months was so kind of them.

I was grateful Brooklynn was able to see them on a daily basis. She is their first great grandchild (out of two-which the other one is in Texas) and to see them dote over every little thing she did was priceless. She still is able to have a sleepover every week with them and then they watch her one day during the day while I work.

I'm grateful to not have the 40 minute commute every day both ways. That was so draining physically and mentally because I wasn't able to spend much time with Brooklynn and i hated that!!!

The ward that we are in is amazing! From day one I have felt welcome! I'm so grateful for the bishopric and for the friends that we have made since being here. I know this is where we are suppose to be.

On October 29 my twin brother, Jeff, was killed in a car accident. That was one of the worst days of my life and I'm still struggling with it. He was killed instantly so I know he didn't suffer but I miss him so much. I wasn't extremely close to him-we'd see each other every few months at parties but I sure miss him.

There were so many tender mercies that happened after he passed that made me aware that my Heavenly Father loves me. I still receive those tender mercies. Every time I see a sunrise/sunset my mind instantly goes to Jeff and I know that somehow he played a part in sending one my way to brighten my day.

My family says I love you a lot more now. Those of you that know my family know that we're not extremely close-which I regret now but I'm trying to work on it. My dad has been a ROCK for all of us to lean on. I'm so grateful he is my dad.

It's been almost 5 months that he's passed but it still feels like yesterday I got the awful call at work. I'm grateful for the plan of salvation to know that I will see him again. I know he's up with my grandpa preparing the way for when we all pass but it doesn't make the loss any easier. I would be lost without the gospel and the knowledge that I will see him again! What an amazing gift that is.

On a lighter note-Brooklynn is now 2 and talking up a storm. She is the smartest little girl I know. She makes me laugh so hard and is such an amazing little girl. I'm so blessed to be her mom. She's just our little miracle. I can't even imagine my life without her-or what it was like before her. I'm getting ready to start potty training her soon. Wish me luck on that one.

I guess that's it for now. I will try to update when I can with pictures!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

We're having fun!

 Brooklynn's first ice cream cone

 Sleeps in weird positions

 She loves stories!!

 All ready for church

 Dr Johnson and Brooklynn at Tarzan

 Fun at the water park

 Watch out for Brooklynn! she's already driving 

 Tibblefork Resevoir

We've been having a good summer so far! I feel like because I work than I need to make up for it on my days off by doing something fun with Brooklynn! Hopefully soon I can just be at home with her more and just enjoy every second!!!
     She loves water so we went to the Riverton splash park and she had so much fun!! She loves the water and is really brave and will just put her face right up to the water! she also loves being around other kids so it's a win win situation. It's been so hot lately that the only way you can be outside is if you're around water!
      My work payed for the play Tarzan and dinner at the Scera theater in Orem and so me, my mom, Heidi my sister, Cierra my niece and Brooklynn went and we sat right behind Dr. Johnson (one of the drs I work for) and Brooklynn kept playing peekaboo with her and smelling/petting her hair. Everyone around us was cracking up laughing at how funny she was being. I'm so glad Dr. Johnson was a good sport about it.
       We took a drive up American Fork Canyon and stopped at Tibblefork and let Brooklynn play in the little creek there. She thought we left way too early....and so do I. She would be outside all day if she could.
      She just had her 18 month appointment and she is doing great. She's getting really tall and just so smart. She catches on to everything and is always making us laugh. I'm just so grateful that we're blessed to have her in our lives and that we can teach her all that we know!!!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pics of Brooklynn

So it's about time I update our blog huh?? I've just been trying to enjoy time with Brooklynn that I haven't turned on my computer much and it takes too long to blog on my phones so I just haven't done it. Plus I'm not sure that anyone even reads it anyway. But I thought that I would show off the cute pics we had taken of her when we were in TX for her first birthday! I thought they turned out so cute.

So an update on Brooklynn-she is now officially walking/running!!! She now doesn't really want to be held because she can walk. She loves the outdoors and would be out there all night if she could be. She loves chairs. She loves music, pianos, etc. She can say -momma, dadda, "poppa" for grandpa, Ca for Cassie, bye, boo, dog, AJ and a few others that she just makes the beginning sounds. She catches on so fast. I can't believe how much she has grown up!!! She is such a happy girl.

Robbie and I are still at his grandparents but plan on looking for houses in the summer time. Robbie is working at SEO and I am still at the drs office!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Long Overdue Update

So having a baby is hard work!!! Before Brooklynn was born I was on the computer every day for a few hours. now I am on here just like once a month, sometimes less just depending on how my day goes. I enjoy spending the time I have with her and she's all that I talk about now!! My phone is full of pictures of her and her awesome accomplishments!

She turned 8 months on the 28th and has changed so much!!! She now is a crawler, getting her first tooth and is such a happy baby. Her first word was hi but she will only say it when she wants to and not when you want her too. She has a very strong personality and can't wait for her to continue to learn!!

We were able to spend a weekend with Robbie's mom, sister and niece and it was so much fun! They came in town for my other sister in laws baby shower and then we went up to Oakley to Robbie's grandparents cabin and just got to spend time together. I enjoyed the time so much.

Nothing else really has been going on. We've just been living from day to day and enjoying each others company!!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Brooklynn is 6 months....and a 1/2!!!

So I never get on my computer anymore so I just never blog anymore!!! Everything's always about Brooklynn anyways and sometimes I figure the 2 readers I have get sick of hearing about her!!!! Oh well. She's adorable and we love her!!!

She turned 6 mo on the 28th and had her appt on the 11th. She weighs 13 lbs 9 oz (gained almost a lb in 2 weeks)!!!! She's 24 1/2 in long. She is just a really tall/petite baby. She still is mostly in newborn onesies (when she wears them) and just depending on the outfit 0-3 or 3-6 months.

She is now eating solids and loves them. I think she's gonna love food just like her mom!! We have given her peas, carrots, green beans and squash and now have the ok to give her fruits!!! She will sit and open her mouth even before I get the spoon ready because she's hungry. She loves water.

She rolls everywhere now and I swear she's on the verge of starting to talk. Robbie can get her laughing really good!! Depending on the day she may do it for me. She smiles when either Robbie or I enter the room. She smiles a lot at guys. She's just an overall happy baby (which I'm sure I've said in every post).

She loves bath time. We bought her a pool and have tried it for her but the water has been too cold so she didn't really enjoy it so we'll keep trying. She loves to drink water especially out of a mini water bottle!

anyways, that's all about Brooklynn. There's nothing really new going on with Robbie or me. We are headed to ID next weekend to visit Katy and Josh and see Tyler, Robbie's little brother which we haven't seen in a year!!!! Our big vacation for the year is going to TX for 2 weeks at Christmas time!! It will be the first time in 5 years that all the kids will be there and it will be the last one for 2 years because Tyler will be on a mission the next Christmas.

Friday, June 29, 2012

All about Brooklynn

So Brooklynn is now 6 months old!!!! I don't know where the time went and I don't remember my life before her!!! She is starting to be so interactive with us and I love it.

Things she can do-
    roll from belly to back
   roll from back to belly
   stand up if we're helping her
   sit unsupported for a few seconds
   put her binky in her mouth by herself
   recognize her name
   smiles for mom and dad (and pretty much anyone else)
   scrunches her nose
   scoot across the floor on her back
   hold her own bottle
She is such a happy baby and wakes up just smiling! She has started sleeping in some really weird positions....

I love playing dress up with her and figuring out what she's going to wear every day!!!

I love this picture!! I think just cuz there's not many pics of me and her and I actually look somewhat decent in it! 
Brooklynn now weighs 12 lbs 10 oz. I'm not exactly how tall she is, I'll find out on the 11th. She just recently started solids and likes carrots and peas. She's not too fond of green beans. That's all that we've introduced her to so far. The highlight of my day is to come home and feed her solids! I'm selfish and don't let the babysitters feed her because I love it so much.

She is starting to show her personality more and more every day. She loves her great grandma and grandpa Chaffin (who we're living with right now)

She loves to be sung to if she's upset. She only really likes to cuddle if she's extremely tired or she doesn't feel well. She has been teething for the last 2 months and I thought a tooth would be showing up soon but it hasn't. We just love having her in our lives and look forward to seeing her beautiful smiles. She's starting to babble more and more and I think she's on the verge of saying "mama" or "dada". She does have red hair and she looks a lot like my nieces Cierra and Celena!


So Robbie and I were bored towards the end of my hospital stay and were coming up with all these things that you know you're in the hospital too long when... so I decided I'd blog about it!! Why not right??? I haven't blogged in a month so I might as well slam the blog with updates! So here goes....

You know you're in the hospital too long when....
   -You count the drips on the floor in the hallway wondering what it is or where/who it came from.
   -You start taking pictures of pictures in the hospital (there was some freaking looking pictures down in the hallways) 

   -You start asking about your neighbors
   -When your nurses and everyone else knows you and your spouse by your first name
   -You start having races with the Spirometer

   -You see other family members at the hospital visiting another one of your family members
   -You know all the mute buttons on all the machines
   -Your spouse knows where all the food/vending machines are in the hospital
   -Your spouse starts trying out the equipment they have for you

   -You think the variation of food is a change in color of jello

   -You start giving directions to people out in the hallways
   -You know all the channels on the tv
   - You start saying bye to your neighbors as they're leaving and you're not
   -You wake seconds before the phlebotomist comes in the room to draw your blood every morning   
   -Your fresh flowers somebody has brought you/sent you has died
   -Your bartering with your spouse for your lunch/dinner
   -You have to tell the nurses what time the main doors at the hospital lock
   -If you know all the generic names of all the drugs you're taking
   -You can start joking with the doctors about drugs
   -You start calling your room "The Suite"
 My view from the chair
 View from the door
    -You try to figure out what everyone else is in the hospital for
    -You ask nurses if they'll sneak food in for you (I really wanted a frosty.....so this was my version of one I could have)....

    -The nurses can take your vitals and not really wake you up because you're used to it
    -People start offering to nurse your child for you until you get out
    -You start taking pictures of everything you're eating

    -Your IV tape starts eating away at your skin
    -You name your IV pole "Ed"
(That was my friend Ed and he had to go everywhere i had to go even if he didn't want to).