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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First Night

So after Brooklynn was born she was taken to be washed up and I got switched to another room. (I just have to say what GGGREEEAATTT nurses we had at Timp Hospital...every single one we came in contact with were amazing). They had mentioned Brooklynn was having a hard time keeping her temperature up so they were trying to keep an eye on that. They said if she couldn't keep her temperature up then she would probably have to go to the NICU! We had kind of been briefed on that before she was born by my doctor so we were a little more prepared.

The next morning I was informed she wasn't able to keep her temp up so she would be going to the NICU. She wasn't urinating like she should be, her red blood cell counts were up, she may have possibly have an infection from the Strep B. I think I was still a little naive thinking that she could be in the NICU for no more than a week and then be able to go home....boy was I wrong!!!!

We talked to the specialist that worked there and he told us to plan on being able to take her home on her due date which is January 23rd....that was almost a month!!! ONE MONTH!!! Here I was so anxious to take my little girl home to just love her so much and to show her off to everyone and I wasn't able to do that. We were told by my doctor that if he had waited another week to induce me she probably wouldn't had made it....he saved my daughters life! How grateful I am to him...he was such an amazing doctor in everything he did for us.

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