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Friday, December 9, 2011

We Moved!!!

Well on November 28th (Robbie's birthday) we got almost everything moved out of our house in Orem! It was our last night there. We had about 20 people from the ward there to help us pack the truck up which was a lifesaver. I wasn't able to lift anything (Robbie's orders) so the guys lifted everything and the women helped finish the kitchen up. We were done with loading everything up within an hour!! I kept asking Robbie, "did everyone show up because they were anxious for us to be gone or did they show up because they loved us??" I know the answer to it but I just had to give him/us a hard time!!! We loved/cherished the time we were in that neighborhood and am grateful for all the friendships we have made! We were there for almost 3 yrs! I have to admit...as I was driving away I started crying. I didn't know what exactly our next adventure would be like...what would it be like with Robbie's grandparents?....would we get into our own routine?....would it be harder to drive a little longer to work?... How would the new ward be?......The unknowns are always hard....I HATE change and this was a HUGGGEEEE change!

Here we are 2 weeks later and I am so grateful that Robbie's grandparents have opened their home to us. We have our own entrance, we come and go as we please, we have our own bathroom, we get to spend time with his grandparents or if we want to be left alone we just go downstairs. The travel to work hasn't been too bad. I'm not a morning person at all (I have gotten a little better) and so instead of waking up at 7:15 we have to leave by 7:15 I thought that would be really hard but I've adjusted well (maybe that's why I'm so exhausted though by the end of the night lol)!! I now drop Robbie off at work and then pick him up when I'm done so he ends up getting more hours. I've enjoyed the time I get to spend with Robbie in the mornings and evenings to and from work.

I know there's still A LOT more change coming but this transition has gone pretty smooth. I just can't believe that Brooklynn will be here in a month in a half (maybe sooner). My pregnancy has gone by so fast (so many people have told me that) and I am so glad and saddened at the same time! I enjoy the times that she has hiccups and I can feel her kicking me and I know that will be gone soon. But pretty soon I will get to hold my little girl in my arms and just take it all in. I will then be called a mother....which I have wanted for 30 years! We were able to get all of her stuff set up so it seems a little more real that she is actually coming...I think I'm still in shock/denial that I really will have a child of my own....but I am excited beyond words!!!

We are so grateful for all of our friends and family that have got us to where we are!! We have been blessed to have some amazing people in our lives!!!!

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kelly said...

change is always hard...but a big change will be here soon for the two of you. Enjoy this time.