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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Latest Project

 The picture of the whole cross stitch

How far I've got so far

When I was in IL I came across this cross stitching pattern for an amazing deal!!!! Robbie had told me he wanted me to cross stitch a picture of Christ for him and so I couldn't pass up on this. I got it in March but I didn't start working on it until September (procrastination on my part) and since then I have been working on it pretty much every spare change I get. I should've documented how many hours it's been but I haven't. I think it's turned out pretty cool! Robbie gives me 10 years to finish it but I'm hoping to have it done before then!! I feel like if I'm not working on it I'm losing time but then there are other days that I just can't focus on the pattern and stuff! I'll put pics up as it progresses!

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