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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

30 Weeks and our Newest Adventures!!

So I don't want every single blog to be about the pregnancy so I haven't really blogged because it seems like nothing else really is going on. So I'll update about my pregnancy and then I'll share our newest adventures.....

I have had a few gall bladder attacks in the last month that aren't really fun and I just have to suffer through until after Brooklynn is born which I am willing to do. 
I get restless legs a lot (but my friend gave me an awesome trick....get anything lavender flavor--I have lavender lotion--and I rub it on my legs and within 10 minutes my legs calm down
I feel her moving all the time!! Robbie makes sure he feels her kick every night before we go to bed which I think is the cutest thing ever!! I love how he's soooo excited to be a dad and to start bonding with her even before she is born. 
I had my drs appt today and I'm measuring right on track at 30 1/2 weeks.
We still have so much to do to get ready for her but we're so excited that she'll be here before we know it!!!!

So on to our latest adventures! We are moving in with Robbie's grandparents in Kearns for a few months to save up for a house. It will be nice because we will have the basement to ourselves and they're so excited to have Brooklynn so close to be able to spend time with her. So I've been busy packing and Robbie's been awesome about taking things to storage. 
I'm sad to leave our ward that we're in and all the friends that we have made. This seriously is the best ward we have ever been in and if we can buy a house in this area when we're ready we will. It's crazy how much a "church family" can make a difference but it does! We're excited for all the new things coming up in the next few months and am just so thankful for the amazing people I have in my life!!!

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