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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Quick Update

All I have to say is if I didn't have my phone I would feel so disconnected from the world!!! There was a day that it was about to die and I couldn't get the charger to work and I think my blood pressure was raising just because of that!!

We went in for a non stress test yesterday which showed Brooklynn moving around, doing great but my blood pressure is continuing to creep up. I took it just a minute ago and it was 123/82 with me just laying down doing nothing so I have a feeling she'll be here before we know it!!

We have an appointment with the Maternal/Fetal Medicine doctor tomorrow to see if it is going to be more beneficial to me and Brooklynn for her to be born sooner rather than later and then right after that appt we have one with our OB so we can figure out what needs to be done. I was hoping to not have a baby so close to Christmas but it looks like it may be happening! But all I care about is having a healthy baby with no complications to me and her. I'll keep you posted on what the doc says....and I guess an estimation of when our little "cupcake" will be here!!

P.S.  On a funny note....I guess I should just document it in case Robbie or I forget this...which I doubt we will. Yesterday while we were at the hospital the nurse asked if I wanted anything like a snack, pop, sandwich, etc (She did ask about a sandwich). So I was freaking STARVING so I told her a snack, sandwich and juice sounded great. So Robbie just keeps teasing me that she didn't ask me if I wanted a sandwich and he's wondering how a sandwich is constituted as a snack....but I SWEAR she said sandwich and let me tell you...it was one of the best sandwiches I ever tasted!! (I'm sure it will be added to our bill but I was so starving!!!)

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emily said...

Good luck! Babies are the best things ever.... next to getting drunk and passing out.