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Friday, December 16, 2011

Bed Rest

I have a few minutes that I can sit up so I figured I'd update you guys on what's been going on before Robbie gets mad at me for being out of bed for too long....

Tuesday we went in for our 34 week appt and they checked my blood pressure and it was 136/96 which is high for me. I haven't had any problems before with it so they checked it like 3 different times and it was still high and so next thing we knew we were being whisked to the hospital for an ultrasound, a non stress test and blood work to see if I had toxemia. So we had the ultrasound and I asked Robbie if she could tell if Brooklynn had any hair (cuz you know that was the top of my list to know...) but he said the tech was going so fast to check the amniotic fluid to make sure everything was ok and so he didn't really get a chance to even see her. Then we went to labor and delivery and they hooked me up to heart monitors to listen to Brooklynn and did blood work and everything came back normal. I had to do a 24 hr urine test and they came back midly elevated.

I didn't go to work Tuesday but went back Wednesday and started working and then had my blood pressure checked and it was 144/96 so one of the medical assistants, and a good friend of mine, demanded that I go lay down for an hour and check it again. She wouldn't let me get up at all and they checked it in an hr and it was still high so we called the dr and he told me to go home and be on bed rest and watch it and see him on Friday so I went to my parents and borrowed their blood pressure machine so I could monitor it. Later that night I checked it and it had got up to 149/102 so we called the dr and he told us to go to labor and delivery to have another non stress test and I ended up getting steroid injections to help Brooklynn's lungs develop in case she has to be delivered early. And we had to go back the following night for repeat blood work and another shot.

We had an appt today and my blood pressure was fine when I woke up but when I had it checked at the office it was elevated again so he has put me on bed rest until Brooklynn comes and I have to go back in for another non stress test either Sunday or Monday and if my numbers start to creep up even when I'm resting the dr said there's 100% chance we will have a baby by the end of this year. So I am trying my very hardest to just lay in bed and read, watch movies and eventually will start cross stitching again. I want Brooklynn to stay in as long as she can so I am being watched very carefully by Robbie and people at work.

In all of this I have realized how blessed we are. We weren't able to get ahold of the bishop in our new ward to help with a blessing but because the hospital is so close to our old ward we were able to call our home teacher and he came without hesitation. We have made some really close friends in that area so that will help if we need anything while we're down in Orem! We have great family that has been checking up on us and helping however they can! I am just amazed at the outpouring of love! People at my work have been checking on me constantly. I just feel so loved!!! Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes and I will try to update the blog as much as possible....I guess I better go lay down now......

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