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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Arrival Date

We went to 2 different doctor appointments yesterday...man I have never been to the hospital/doctors so much in my life (for myself....since I work at a doctors office)!! I feel like I know all the nurses at Timp and of course I know everyone at my drs office.

We first had an ultrasound done to measure Brooklynn's organs and to make sure everything looked good and then Dr. Jacobsen, a maternal fetal medicine doctor, came in and talked to us about what she saw. She said that I have mild pre eclampsia and that Brooklynn was showing some stress from it but not a dire amount. Brooklynn is starting to push more blood to her heart and brain then the rest of her body so she is about 2 weeks behind in growth. The dr said that babies whos mom's have pre ecclampsia seem to be stronger because of the stress they have had to endure. They estimate that she is about 4 lbs 11 oz give or take 11 oz but the doctor said that she's "not a small child and is taking up a lot of room in there" so I think she may just be really skinny and tall. Dr. Jacobsen answered all of our questions and said that she would recommend her being born before 37 weeks but Dr. Hoggard, our OB, would make the final call. She moved my due date up to January 19th instead of the 23rd, which I am still confused about but then that makes me at 36 weeks this week instead of 35.

So after this appointment we went straight to see Dr. Hoggard. I just love him and the staff he has working for him!!! I had previously told Robbie that if we have to be induced I didn't want to ruin Dr. Hoggard's christmas and he just started laughing....I just have always hated inconveniencing people but Robbie and Dr. Hoggard confirmed that this is kind of a different situation and I shouldn't worry about it! But I still do! Anyways I guess the protein in my urine has gone up a little from last week and my blood pressure is starting to slowly creep up and so Dr. Hoggard confirmed that she should be born sooner rather than later so he turned to us and said that we could be induced Friday (tomorrow) or Tuesday the 27th.....wow I was in shock...even though I knew it was coming it still doesn't seem real. So I will go in tomorrow for another non stress test and if everything is still looking ok then we will go in Tuesday morning at 7 a.m. to be induced!!!

I am a little scared, nervous, excited, etc...I don't know what to expect and so that's hard but I trust the doctors and the thing that keeps coming back to me is 2 blessings I have received from 2 different people that said to listen to what the doctors say. I worry that Brooklynn will have to be in the hospital a little longer but she will be well taken  care of which I have no doubt!!!

So next week I will be a mom and it still just doesn't seem real to me!!!!!!!! What a blessing and a scary time! Thanks for everyone's thoughts and prayers. We have definitely seen many blessings in our lives and the support from family and friends.

So I guess the next post will be pics of our cute little girl!!!! Oh and by the way....she has hair! The doctor showed us it in the ultrasound which I thought was crazy but so cool cuz I had thought she was going to come out bald!!

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kelly said...

congrats jaime and robbie! brooklyn will just be able to wear cute newborn clothes a little longer.