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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Katy and Josh's Wedding

 Robbie's best friend, Rob, being part of the "museum" or whatever you want to call it. When I first saw him standing there I had to take a second look cuz I didn't realize it was him!! It was pretty funny (maybe it's cuz I was only running on 3 hours of sleep)

 Katy and Josh's cake. I thought it turned out cute!!

 The bride and groom sitting down waiting for the luncheon to start. They were both parched, tired and I think just anxious for everything to be over (even though they still have 2 more open houses to do)

 Talking about how to cut the cake

 and where to cut the cake

Katy, Robbie's little sister, got married to Josh yesterday at the Salt Lake Temple! It was such a gorgeous day (would have been nicer if it was like 15 degrees cooler). The ceremony was wonderful and the luncheon was great. I love Katy like my own sister and am so glad she's part of my life. We usually talk on a daily basis. I love Josh and they just make such a cute couple. I'm so happy for them and hope they thought the day was perfect. I didn't take my camera out because I just didn't think about it so these are the only pics that I took of the whole day. It was fun to see family that I haven't seen in a while and some that the only time I had met was at mine and Robbie's wedding.

Here's to an eternity of happiness for Katy and Josh Montross!! I'm glad that they only live 4 hours away (would be nicer if it was closer) so that we can see each other pretty often!!!!

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