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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

18 Weeks

So I'm starting to kind of look pregnant. I was wearing a shirt yesterday and noticed people were looking at me funny at the store and I had to turn to Robbie and ask him if I had something on my shirt or do I look funny or what? His response was, "You're pregnant and people can tell in that shirt." Kinda made me feel good cuz now hopefully people won't just think I'm fat. I still haven't had anyone come out and ask me if I'm pregnant but I'm sure it will be coming!! I am really officially 19 1/2 weeks now....almost halfway there!! We have our anatomy u/s in 2 weeks to make sure the baby is growing and is healthy and yes.....to find out what we're having!! I'm kinda sad cuz this may be the last u/s we have before the baby comes so I guess I should enjoy it while it's here! I started feeling the baby move at 17 1/2 weeks and it just gets to be more and more frequent. I can't wait until Robbie can actually feel it. He will ask me everyday if the baby has moved. I think it's cute. I have been very lucky to not have been really sick. I was nauseated early on but that has passed and now I'm not really having any symptoms. I have wanted more healthy foods such as tomatoes, cucumbers, etc which has been nice. I haven't really wanted to eat chocolate which is BIG for me! Robbie tells me that it will continue after the baby is born but we'll see. I did have an incident last weekend where my right leg started to swell but it was because I didn't have a lot of sleep and I was on my feet for a long time and it was hot so after I got off my feet it calmed down thank goodness. I think it still doesn't feel real to me that we're actually going to be having a baby soon. I think right now I'm just on cloud 9 and haven't really thought about the sleepless nights I'll have and how it's going to change our lives but maybe that's a good thing!! I think I can just honestly say that I love being pregnant!!!!


Nicole Love said...

I am so happy for you! I miss our baking nights!

kelly said...

i am very happy for the two of you!

Nate + Callie said...

I'm so glad your pregnancy is going so well! I absolutely LOVED being pregnant, I had an easy one as well!! We can't wait to meet baby Chaffin!!

emily said...

Yay! Congrats, babies are badass.