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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bear Lake Trip!!! Beware TONS of pictures!!

Jayden, Cierra and Kylie doing what they know best....sleeping

Look there's a ghost in the cabin.....

My cousin Jayden and nephew, Cooper in a life jacket together

Ella and Oliver having fun on a floaty

Ella relaxing

Isn't she the cutest girl ever????
Jayden, Cierra and Kylie hanging out on the boat

Cooper, Aleksia and Heather on the boat

My mom 

Ella and me hanging out on the boat

Beautiful Bear Lake

Cierra Wakeboarding

Jayden attempting wakeboarding


Kylie attempting the wakeboard


sleeping again.....
Me and Cierra...she's about to do my hair

My hair when it was all done

Kylie hiding from the camera

My mom
Playing phase ten on the floor and girls asleep on the couch

I braided Jen's hair!!
Catch phrase

Ella was exhausted and zonked out on the couch

Ella and Oliver playing on Ski Bob
Cooper driving the boat

Oliver enjoying the ride

Aleksia driving the boat with my brother AJ

High School Musical pose!!
another pose

Oliver driving the boat

Jen driving the boat while Ella was hanging on for dear life

Oliver cuddling with Daniel, Jen's boyfriend
Ella driving the boat
Kylie and Cierra on the tube

Every year my family goes to bear lake and so here's all the pics from that trip! I need to get some that my mom took cuz I think there will be some cute ones! We rented a cabin on the east side of the lake and then we had a private beach (well....a few feet of sand, but not much), boat dock. It was fun to be together as a family. My twin brother, Jeff, and his family weren't able to come and either was my oldest sister Heidi, they were missed!!

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lindseyfrancom said...

Looks like you had a blast! There are some super fun pictures and I'm super jealous you got a vacation!