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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pregnancy Update

So tomorrow I will be at 11 weeks which I'm so excited for!!!! I've never made it this far before and it's awesome. Sometimes I have to remind myself that there's actually a little baby growing inside of me and other times that's all I think about. The baby is about 1 1/2 inches long now and it's the size of a fig and they're pretty much all formed! :) I have another OB appointment in 2 weeks which we will get to hear the heartbeat and I'm so excited!! I have lost like 10 pounds from being nauseated and no appetite but I think the nausea is starting to calm down now so I feel pretty good! I have to wear compression socks because I have really bad varicose veins but then I can use that to my advantage to get them taken care of after the baby is born!!!! Our estimated due date is January 23rd which my niece is hoping we have the baby on the 25th cuz that's her birthday!!

I think that it's going to be a girl but Robbie thinks it's going to be a boy! There is this thing that if you look at your left eye underneath the eyeball there is a vein that will either look like a V or a U and by about 12 weeks it's pretty accurate and if it's a V it's a boy and if it's a U it's a girl and mine is going towards the U shape....but I guess we'll see. It's cute to just see how Robbie reacts to different things and just how he's handled everything!! We're just so excited to be parents and don't think January can come soon enough!!! 

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kelly said...

enjoy the moment...time will go quickly...especially if this little miracle is your only (not saying that it will be). i just want you to cherish the experiences and patiently wait for the steps to come. so happy for the two of you.