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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Another Random Post

One of my biggest pet peeves is people coming into the office and wanting to get checked in while talking on their cell phone!! It's so rude. Yesterday this guy walked in, signed the sign in sheet and then just looked at me while talking on his phone and I tried asking questions and he just ignored me pretty much. Why????? Can't you take 30 seconds to actually interact with someone right in front of you instead of having a phone suctioned to your ear? Thankfully I didn't have to change any information (unless it changed and he didn't tell me which very well could have been the case).

I will admit that I am addicted to texting. I try to be really good and not text while I'm talking to someone but I know at times I need to be better. But one thing I have always never ever done is talk on a cell phone while I'm checking out at the grocery store or anywhere else that a person is involved. I was a cashier a few years ago and hated when people did that to me so  I promised I would never do it to anyone else and I think I have stuck to that.

It seems like this world, myself included, is becoming more impersonal because of the technology that we have. I still laugh about my little brother talking about facebook and saying something to the extent of why do we post about something we're going to do instead of just going and doing it? Which is so true! I sometimes find myself thinking "oh I can take a picture and add it to facebook" instead of just taking a picture to add to scrapbooks or whatever.

I would rather text than call someone on the phone. I don't know if it's because I am on the phone all day long at work and so to be on the phone after work just doesn't excite me or if it's just because then I am always talking to the 2 people that text me! Who knows.

I would love to delve into the great things I hear all the time at  the office but I think it would bore some of you. I share some great stories with Robbie and then others that he's just like, "that's kind of lame." So if you want to hear some just let me know!! Or something like dos and dont's at a doctors office!!!

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kelly said...

i so agree about cell phones and the way politeness has gone away when it is inappropriate.