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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Help this Wonderful Family

As I mentioned about a week ago that a wonderful guy, Naki Maile, passed away 2 weeks ago and left behind his wife and 6 beautiful girls. They are such a cute little family and have always been so friendly to us and just such an example. Abby, his wife, is such an amazing strength and I just can't even imagine what she's going through. They have set up a site to make donations and if you'd like to read about the family go to their blog at http://sixmailechix.blogspot.com/. On my blog you can click on Naki's girls and it will take you to the site that you can donate. Just read their blog and you will instantly fall in love with the family. They are simply amazing!!!!

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Mommy, RN said...

Hey Jamie/Robbie, So I've been reading on their blog, what an amazing family! I can't believe she's writing on her blog... those are some incredibly personal emotions and posts. She is just amazing. I am just a little curious though... he's so young.... what happened?