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Thursday, July 9, 2009

An Unexpected Trip to Texas

So we haven't really been doing much of anything lately and that's why I haven't posted but on Tuesday we got the news that Robbie's dad, Bob, was being taken to the hospital in Fort Worth because they had found 2 hematomas (bruising) on his brain and later that night they had found bleeding on his brain as well. It was hard for us being so far away to know if we needed to drop what we were doing and just drive straight to Texas (we had looked up flights and to leave that same day was like $1300 and it was cheaper to drive). We just were anxious to be in Texas with the family. They were planning on coming to Utah this weekend and so we had pretty much cleared our schedule so we could hang out with them. On Wednesday we had heard that they were going to do a craniotomy (I believe that's what it's called) where they go in and drill holes in his skull to be able to vacuum out the blood and look to make sure everything was ok. So Robbie called me from work saying you need to come home now so that we can get ready to fly to Texas. His sister's mother-in-law works at American Airlines so she put us on her buddy passes and we were able to fly for very cheap and we left this morning at 6:00 a.m. and got to Texas at 9:30. We had to dress in business casual in case the only seats left were first class and that's all they could put us on (I know major setback right? Flying first class? Who would ever want to do that?) So we got our seats and sure enough we were put in first class. It was amazing. It was so nice because Robbie and I both are so tall and so we had a lot of leg room, way comfortable chairs, we got breakfast, and we could've had unlimited drinks. They really treated us first class. So Robbie leaned over to me and was like, "I don't know how we'll be able to go back to coach again!!"
So we got here this morning and Bob's surgery was suppose to be scheduled at 7:30 this morning and Robbie was a little sad about that because he had wanted to see him before he went into surgery (It's been a year since we've seen his family...way too long) but when we landed he got a text saying the surgery was postponed and they ended up doing it at 1 p.m. so we were able to see him before he went in which I think helped a lot. The surgery lasted a total of 1 hour but they also did an hour of prep. So the doctor came out and told us he did two "burrows" which is like drilling 2 holes in his skull to release the pressure in his brain and then also a cradiology to get everything out. And as he put it, "He now had duel exhaust coming out of his head." It was good that he could make light of everything so we weren't so stressed.
We went to see him and he was still really groggy and couldn't answer everything correctly but a nurse told us that was common after brain surgery. So as of right now he's doing well which we are so grateful for.
He is such an amazing man and would do anything for anyone so it's good for people to be able to serve him now. We love him tons and we're glad to see him but it would've been better under better circumstances but we're glad that everything is ok. So we will probably stay in Texas until about Tuesday or Wednesday so that we can help out however we can to make it easier for Bob and Patty.
It was nice to see people from my old job and they all asked me where the goodies are. So I guess if I have time that's what I'll be doing is baking! Which I don't mind one bit!!!


Mommy, RN said...

OH! Guys! I'm so sorry to hear about Robbie's Dad! Sounds like everything should be looking up from here though. Thank goodness you were able to fly to Texas to be with him, what a blessing. You'll certainly be in our thoughts and prayers.... speedy recovery!

aurora said...

I know that it was such a comfort to everyone knowing that you and Robbie were on your way.
I am glad that things went well.

kelly said...

glad you both made it safe. patty was afraid robbie would initally drive in the middle of the night and she was worried.

Adrienne said...

So sorry to hear about Robbie's dad. Glad the surgery went well and hope the recovery goes smoothly. Let us know if we can do anything.