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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Update on Bob

I just thought that I would update everyone on how my father-in-law is doing! He had surgery on Thursday and then they kept him in the Neuro ICU until Monday and he had drains in his head until Sunday to get rid of all the excess blood. He had a turbin on his head to help hold the drains in and those got removed on Sunday and he just wore a cap. He showed us his head of where they went in and they pretty much opened him up from both sides. One side they vacuumed everything out and on the other side they did "burrows" which they drilled holes in his head to help drain the blood out. He'll have some pretty nasty scars but his hair should cover them. He looked really good without any hair.
On Monday they moved him to a regular room and he was in great spirits. He was joking around just like his normal self. You could definitely tell he felt a lot better by the way he looked and acted.
He got released from the hospital today and can't go back to work for 4-6 weeks (after the doctor oks it) and he can't bend over for a few weeks, can't lift anything heavy. I think the hardest part for him is going to be not doing anything. He is a go getter and doesn't like to just sit around so we'll see how he does.
It was good to be there to help get Katy and Tyler where they needed to go and just to hang out with the family. We had a great time and came back very late Tuesday night. Everyone at the hospital called Bob the "miracle man" because usually when someone that has head problems like he did usually takes longer to heal or have permanant problem. He faired really well and came out great. So we hope that he continues to heal and he doesn't have to go back to the hospital again for this!!


aurora said...

He really is a miracle man! What a wonderful blessing for your family.

mikeynannie said...

Wow, Jamie, I am so sorry to you and Robbie. I haven't been able to check my blogs until today, I am sorry to hear about your Father-In-Law. We will keep him in our prayers. Good luck!!