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Saturday, November 1, 2008


This was the sunrise that I saw as I was walking out the door to go to work. A few minutes before there was red in it and it was so pretty.

This was a Kitty Litter cake I made for work. I thought it turned out pretty cute-well I guess I shouldn't say cute...real looking maybe? Those that were brave enough to try it said it tasted really good!

I usually don't dress up for Halloween but our work kind of made a big deal about everyone dressing up and they were having a big Halloween party so I figured I better do something. I was going to dress up as a "Black Eye Pea" but I didn't have the right stuff so instead I just dressed up as a dirty pile of laundry. People thought it was pretty cute.

This is Katrina, Edna, Tamy and me. There was a lot of people dressed up it was pretty fun.

Andrea dressed up as a pregnant nun.

Janelle dressed up as Debra, another lady that we work with, and did an awesome job!

Karen dressed up as a "One Night Stand" I thought it was pretty hilarious. Overall Halloween was pretty fun. I just think I enjoyed it more when I was a kid and I'm sure it will be funner or maybe more stressful when I have kids I have to dress up. But Happy Late Halloween everyone!!


Kiera said...

Fun Costumes! I love the pile of laundry idea.

madillio's said...

The sunrise pic is beautiful !! your costume was way lol what a good idea i fell just like that some days ! and cassie awwwww , did she keep that on :) that was so cute. We all love looking at your photos , the kids love you a tone :)

madillio's said...

Oh wait I have to comment on that cake as well ewwwwwwww , I don't know if i would have been brave enough to try that lol but for halloween that is to funny. and soo real looking :0

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