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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Presents for us!!!!!

So over the weekend we decided it was time to get an actual bed instead of sleeping on a matress on the floor! (When we moved from Texas our bed was way too big and heavy to bring with us so we just brought the mattress!!!!) So for the last 3 months we've been sleeping like the Chinese with just the mattress.
We decided to go to Ikea first just because we have heard people rave about their great prices and just what a great place it is....well it took us like 20 minutes just to find the beds and then they were just not anything that we really liked (or I guess I should say that I liked....and what I say goes...right?) So we decided let's go to RCWilley's. To find the exit it probably took us a half an hour. They have you herded through there like cows and you can only go certain ways and it was so irritating so we swore we'd never go back.
We went to RCWilley's and found something we liked right away and the salesperson gave us an awesome deal on it. We got the headboard, a frame (for free), boxspring and 2 nightstands for such a great deal! They weren't suspose to be a set but they look so good together. And the best part is we had a jar full of change and I figured it would be cool to change it in and use it to help pay for it. I was thinking there'd only be like$100 or $125 cuz we had used all the quarters for the laundrymat but there was $184 in there!!!! Yay for change.

So this is one view of our headboard with the nightstands. Cassie feels like she's just a princess and the whole bed is hers. She'll try to jump up in the middle of the night and take it all up. (She's very spoiled).

Here's just another view with both of our nightstands. If you notice Robbie's has our portable dvd player on it....he has to watch Simpson's every night before going to bed. He was excited because the nightstands have like a pull out cutting board (even though that's not what it really is) cuz he says that he can make sandwiches and stuff in bed. If any of you watch King of Queens just think of the episode where Doug has like a whole fridge and stuff in there! (That's completely Robbie). Notice once again Cassie taking the whole bed!!

This is just a random pic of my mom holding a huge tomato she got from her garden. It was from the plant called the 2 lb tomato plant. That thing was huge!!! (Do you think I look like her???)

This is just Cassie. She's a cute dog just very spoiled and she thinks everyone wants to be her friend and would love to have her jump up on them even though it's not true....But we love her!!!


Kiera said...

How exciting to get a bed! Looks like you are enjoying Utah!

geNeric_gurL said...

sweet pic of mom and her tomato. woot.