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Monday, October 13, 2008

Fun in Utah

My nephew, Talan, got blessed yesterday and so we had a lunch afterward at my mom's house and I got to hold almost all the babies!!! It was great. This is my nephew. He looks a lot like his older sister when she was younger!!!

This was another cute picture. I thought it was funny cuz one minute Ella was awake and then next she was zonked out with her arms all sprawled out!!! She's so cute.

This is my grandma. I just love this picture of her. She looked so pretty and happy! She's one of my greatest role models. I love her so much!

This is Talan's older sister Gentry. She's quite the doll. If you tell her to smile she'll stop and pose to look like a princess!!!

Heather, Ella, Rob and Cooper. I just wanted to take a few pics of people that were there! They have the cutest family.

So Suzi handed Robbie Talan to watch and he started crying. So he gave him to Jennifer and within 2 minutes he was asleep. I just thought it was funny because it was the baby couch for a little bit. I was holding my cousin, Cody, Robbie had Talan, and then Heather had Ella. I think that's the most babies that have been in my mom's house for awhile.

Heidi holding our cousin, Cody. He's the cutest little baby and Heidi just loves them! (I think as much as any girl does right????) I was in baby heaven!!!!

So before we left for Riverton there was snow on the ground and Cassie had never been in it before so we let her play for a minute and promised she could play in it again when we got home but by the time we got home it was all melted!!! She loved it and I can't wait to see her play in the deep, deep snow!!! (Sorry this isn't the best pic, I was thinking I'd get more and my camera battery was dying).

These are just some pics that Robbie took when we went on a drive up American Fork Canyon. They turned out really good!!! I love the mountains!!!


mikeynannie said...

That is so fun to get together as a family!! I love it! I am glad that you guys are here and able to do that. We need to get together. Love you guys!

Madillios said...
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Madillios said...

I could see grandmas trampoline !! Tallen looks cute and i like you hair cut it is cute. love you aunt jamie Love celena