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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I got a call tonight from a lady in our ward...I'm not exactly sure who she is since we don't really know anyone but I guess she's over Super Saturday coming up on November 1st. Well, a few weeks ago I was asked to make dessert for Super Saturday (I'd like to think that it's cuz I made some sugar cookies and had given them to a lady in the relief society presidency and they were really good....) So I agreed to do that thinking....I could go and drop off the desserts and then head to my mom's Super Saturday because they had a lot more stuff that I had wanted to do.....
So this lady calls me tonight and was like, "I'm wondering if you'd be willing to take an hour and discuss with the ladies how to pick a turkey, stuff it and bake it so that it's moist!!" What????? I've never cooked a turkey in my life. That's what parents and grandparents are for right??? And then she wanted me to also demonstrate how to make some pies...which I'm sort of ok with but in all my baking years I've only made one pie and that consisted of buying an already made crust and pouring cherries in it and then putting more crust on top and baking it....it turned out ok but still. So I told her I had only made one pie and I guess I could look into the whole turkey thing but wouldn't you want to have someone that knows what their talking about teach you???? So I'm confused on what to do...either I'll ask a bunch of people for advice (hence the post) on how to cook a turkey and maybe some good pie recipes and just pray really hard that it works.....

So here's the help I need...from a person wanting to learn something, would you wanna be taught by someone who had no clue what they were talking about? Or would it matter?
And do you have any good pie recipes that I could use????
I can really use all the help I can get.
Thanks so much!!!!


Kiera said...

Wow, that red is hard to read! I have only made a turkey once. Pies are not too hard. I would be scared to teach any of those, because I am not a good cook! good luck!! I think i would like to learn from someone who is has cooked a turkey a lot, so that I know they have done it before and it worked. But I am sure you will do great. you are a good cook, so whatever you figure out will be great.

Sheyann said...

Hi Jamie! I'm being brave and posting on your blog! :) So, the pie thing... easy to fake and look awesome. Turkey... ouch! (So, does this lady know anybody else in the ward? You're making dessert, teaching turkey 101, AND pies? Yikes!) If it were me, I'd do the pie thing and so a "quick and easy pies" twist. Buy frozen apples or peaches, throw them in a freezer bag, coat them in brown sugar, a bit of cinnamon and nutmeg, a bit of butter, about a tsp. of salt, and bake in a pre-made pie crust. Bake. Can you defer the turkey part?

aurora said...

Turkeys are easy.
Wash it out; take out the goodies. (my personal opinion is to throw these little nasties out... but some people prepare them.. ick!) Put turkey in a roasting pan. Rub a stick of softened butter all over it. Lots of salt and pepper. Cover with roasting pan top.
Bake per weight on package. (I always bake mine unstuffed- it's faster and then the stuffing isn't so greasy)
Also, the turkeys with the pop-up timers are fab. Good Luck!
I don't know a pie recipe off-hand...

Angelique said...

I saw on my blog feed that you came to visit my blog! :) So I thought I would stop by and say hello!

That is a lot for them to ask of you- I think. Maybe you can tell them you will do one or the other...Kinda overwhelming!

I did a pie making class at RS about a year ago. I had my mom come and help since she is the one that taught me what I know. It was so nice having her there and I really could not have done it alone. Maybe you can take along an assistant? I have made hundreds of pies...and my personal favorite "easy route" are the unbaked pie crusts that are folded up in a box over by where you buy the pillsbury cresent rolls and such... They taste just like a "homemade" crust. Maybe you have used them before???

My favorite pies to make are: Apple, Apple Raspberry, Banana Cream, Chocolate Cream and Pumpkin.

As far as the turkey goes...turkeys are pretty easy, but can't they ask someone to teach who has made one before? I would personally think someone that is teaching how to make something should have made one before?!?!?! Maybe you can make a turkey dinner this week? LOL.

Anyways.... sorry for the long post. That was a very long "hello".

Have a great weekend.

mikeynannie said...

Jamie, Pie's are my forte!! Give me a call when you get a minute and I can talk to you about making pies. I have a lot of excellent recipes and can give you some pointers. The turkey, I don't know about. I don't cook them. I am with you, that is what Grandma does, right now. I have to say, I would want someone that know's how to do it teach me. I'm sorry, but that is just the way I feel. Maybe they just wanted to include you in Super Saturday. Call me!! ~Annie~

Madillios said...

you can come teach me . love celena

Little Lovables said...

I don't mind being taught by a newbie, so long as they have done some reasearch and can provide some good instructions/recipes.

My fav turkey tip... is lots of salt pork! We just take salt port and toothpick it all over the turkey. Of course, it doesn't turn out that gorgeous golden brown color b/c of it, but it is dang good, and we slice the turkey up any ways before we serve it.

Hope it goes well!