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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My dignity is GONE!!!!

So I get up this morning as usual to get ready for my great day off! (Yes I'm so excited I finally get a day off in the week and that I'm spending part of it with Kiera and her sisters). So I get everything I need to take a shower and then I pull the curtain back and low and behold guess what was there????? No not a mouse, not a fly, but a HUGE freaking wolf spider!

It was about that size too! Eww. Makes me just cringe. So I had to call my wonderful husband in there so that he could take care of it even though he hates spiders WAY more than I do. But he took care of the problem. But now all day I think I'm going to be freaked out thinking there's another spider somewhere just waiting to jump out and scare me. I know I should've probably acted with more maturity and just pushed it in the water and killed it or even better yet grabbed it in my hand and taken it outside to give it it's freedom but lets face the facts....I didn't. And if I would've taken it outside it would've just come back in and been somewhere else to give me a heart attack and I wasn't even prepared for that this early in the morning!!!!!


Heath and Adrienne said...

Yuck! I hate spiders too. We are having that problem in our apartment now too because they are new. Do you guys live in a house ro an apartment?

Kiera said...

That is so gross! I would have freaked out! It was really fun to see you today! Thanks so much for taking me to the Mathis'. It was fun to spend the day with you!

aurora said...

Grabbed it with your hand and given it its' freedom? Are you crazy?!? You did the right thing. Scream; call husband. That's my motto, and there is no shame in it. ;)