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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bear Lake Trip

So this past weekend my family had their annual Bear Lake trip. It wasn't as fun as most I think just cuz the weather was not as good as usual but it's always good to be with family!

Here's the family just hanging out at dinner time! Our favorite time of the day!!!!

This is my cute niece Aleksia all bundled up after playing in the water. I think she got in more than anyone else did!!!

This is Aleksia, Cooper, and my cousin Jayden watching a movie. That was their favorite thing to do up there.

This is my brother A.J., cousin Jayden, and niece Ella playing on the blanket. All the kids love to play with A.J. it's funny to watch.

My niece Aleksia!!! She's so photogenic!!!


aurora said...

Looks like a really fun time. I am glad that you are near family. ♥

Heather said...

Cute! Looks like fun!

Timoteos said...

Ok- so I'm going to assume my question on your facebook is stupid after looking at your blog. Apparently, the boy on your shoulders is most likely a nephew. How long have you been married and where do you live in American Fork? I have a blog too...i'm not very good at posting though! Fun that you went out with Annie and Melinda.