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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fun Post

So I got this off of Melissa's blog and I love stuff like this so I figured I'd do it....

Tagged: 3 things

20 years ago......
1: I was 7
2: was living in Kearns and had a "boyfriend" named Robbie
3: would ride my bike to Stan's grocery store...boring huh?

10 years ago......
1: I taught preschool at Bingham
2: I worked at Peterson's grocery as a bagger and in the meat department
3: I drove a hyundai excel

5 years ago.......
1: I had got home from my mission in Arkansas
2: I worked at Peterson's again (I worked there like my whole life...)
3: I started college at UVSC

2-3 years ago......
1: I moved to Texas
2: I got married to Robbie 6-2-06
3: I worked at a doctors office

1 year ago.......
1: I worked at a doctors office
2: I started decorating cakes
3: I had a miscarriage

This year so far......
1: got a dog
2: quit my job
3: moved to Utah

1: I went to lunch with Kiera
2: had a "facial" at a Mary Kay party
3: Went to our Book of Mormon institute class (by the way if you go to the Orem institute you have to have a class with Bro. Kauffman....he's amazing)

1: Went to work
2: ate Pei Wei for lunch
3: Fixed my blog

1: work
2: Couple institute dinner and guest speacker
3: Clean

In the Next Year.......
1: Hopefully children
2: Go back to school
3: Be a millionare!!!

I tag Annie, Heather, Cynthia, Kiera, Lacy, and whoever else wants to do it!!!!

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aurora said...

Okay, so 20 years ago I was starting college and you were 7!?!! ☺☺☺☺