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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Recent Cakes

Here's a cake I made for one of the physician's assistant at work for his birthday! It turned out ok but I don't understand why one side of the face is always thinner than the other but I guess if you look at it from the side you don't notice it. It was a big hit at work and I hope I get future customers from it. I've missed decorating cakes!

Side view of the cake. Let me know what ya think. When I make the frosting here it seems to melt a lot faster so I guess that's going to be an adjustment I'm going to have to work on!!!

Here's a cake that I made for my brother-in-law's birthday. He enjoys golf. It turned out ok. I think if I would've spent more time on it it could've been cuter!!


aurora said...

Cute cakes! I have never tried a
3D one! (I don't know why it would be thinner on one side...)

Heather said...

Those look good! I concur, I have had a much easier time with frosting here than I ever did in Utah! I wonder what the difference is?