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Friday, August 1, 2008

Boring Post without Pictures!!!

So I know I haven't really posted any real pictures on her since we've moved but it's because I can't find the cord to hook into the computer...So hopefully soon cuz I have a few fun ones!

I just figured I'd do a quick update on how we're doing!!! I started my job about 2 in a half weeks ago and I love it. I work in a doctors office with 2 doctors, nurse practioner, and a physician assistant and in the other office we're affiliated with there's like 7 other doctors! I check in patients and I'm a receptionist and I love the people I work for!

Robbie works at WorldVitalRecords.com selling genealogy to people and he seems to enjoy the people he works with more than the actual job I think. But at least it pays the bills!

We'll both be starting school in the next month or so. Because of my work schedule I'm only taking one online class and a Book of Mormon class with Robbie and he's signed up to take 3 evening classes at BYU. So that should be pretty exciting.

I think that's about it that's really going on. It's been good to be here and be around family and everything and around the pretty mountains and lakes. I've decided we're going to start doing FHE every week up American Fork canyon and hopefully get a few other couples to go with us. Then at the end of the month is our annual Bear Lake trip which Robbie's never been to so I'm hoping he'll have a lot of fun. I always look forward to Bear Lake. I enjoy making sand castles and swimming and all of the late night games and laughs!!

Well that's about what's been going on with us! I'll update soon with pictures!! Oh and all you Stephanie Meyers fans....Breaking Dawn comes out TOMORROW!!!!! I just with the movie came out tomorrow. I'd definitely go see that at midnight!!!! Well have a good day!

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aurora said...

Glad that all seems to be going so well for you both! ♥
I can't wait to see pictures.