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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nothing exciting!

So since we've moved here the only fridge we had has been a tiny, eency, small dorm fridge as Robbie calls it and it's awful! We can't really freeze anything and if we have leftovers there's nowhere to put them and really one trip to the store fills it up. (See example below...) (Except ours is jam packed with nothingness really just crap food....)

So I finally agreed to buy a fridge. If any of you know me very well then you know I'm extremely cheap! When I go clothes shopping I look at the price before I decide if it's cute or not. Pretty much with everything I do that so when it's something over $100 it about kills me....and with having a husband that doesn't like the "cheap stuff" it doesn't make a good mix....But anyways, we went to RC Willeys and found an ok fridge for more than I would've liked to spend (and Robbie got a collapsible cooler that I think he was more excited about) and so on Friday we will be the proud owners of a black fridge!! yay. That means I can actually start to make more sweets and stuff...just what we need!

But anyways, while we were at the store (which I had previously worked at before my mission) I asked if there was a girl there that I had worked with and low and behold...she still worked there and happened to be working that very night! Coincidence??? I don't think so. Anyways, it was so good to see her. We were really good friends while I worked there-which wasn't long but she wrote me while on my mission and then when I got home I saw her like once and then her number was disconnected so I had lost touch with her and so I was able to talk to her and catch up. She's an amazing lady...she moved here from Peru and she has 3 jobs to take care of her son and she's such an amazing mom. I'd love talking to her just about anything and everything! So I'm so excited to see her and get her info so that we can go to lunch or whatever!!!! It's just awesome that you could go 5 years without seeing someone and then see them and feel like it was just yesterday. There's not many people like that!

On another note....things are going well. Robbie and I have found a new hobby of fishing. We're only like 20-25 minutes away from Tipplefork Lake so we go up there and if we're lucky catch some fish!
Work is going good. I've officially have a day off during the week now (well starting next month) which I'm so excited for!!!! I think I already have every off day planned with something!
Next weekend is our Bear Lake trip which I'm so excited for!!! It's our one trip that most of us go to and it's awesome!!!! I can't wait!!! I really promise there's pictures to come soon.

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Heather said...

Yay! New fridge! I need a black one too because the white one we have clashes with all the other black appliances.