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Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend Adventures!!!!

This weekend we watched the cutest little kids that are in our ward. I went over there right after work on Friday and came home on Sunday evening. It made me really appreciate mothers that's for sure!!! There were 5 kids from the age of 7 months to 8 years old and so we were constantly running! I don't think I've ever been as exhausted just because I'm not used to that fast pace life. Right now my life consists of work, play with Cassie and play on the computer (well this week is a little different since our house is in boxes) and so to go to a house with 5 kids full of energy! What a change.
On Friday we just hung out and didn't do much since I got there about 5:15. We had dinner and watched tv for a little bit and that was it.
Saturday morning I had to work for 3 1/2 hours and so that left Robbie with 5 kids by himself (I think he was overwhelmed...but don't tell him I said that). I felt good cuz he said after I left the kids went in the boys room and looked out the window for like 15 minutes and was like "when is Jamie coming home???" But I think Robbie had fun with them and they had fun with him. Then I was going to take the kids to the Jump House while Robbie went to his parents to get some stuff but they were closed!! So the kids were disappointed and I didn't want to let them down and think I was an awful person by not having fun with them so we got ready to go swimming....man....preperation I think is harder than actually going to the pool. I made sure everyone had their swimsuits on and their towels and then one by one I had to put sunscreen on them! It probably took me half an hour just to get them all greased up and ready to go. We went to the pool (I hadn't brought a swimsuit so I just was in my shorts sitting with Hadley playing in the kiddie pool with Ben while Ryan, Julie and Emily were in the big pool. We were there about an hour and then gathered everything up to go home.
That night we just hung out. I could tell the kids were tired I think from being out in the pool. Earlier that day I had played 'Red Light, Green Light' with them and 'Mother may I?' It's pretty entertaining. I hadn't played that game in probably 15 years and I still remembered how they were played. It was so entertaining to hear what Ben's answer would be when I would ask if I could take 500 HUGE steps. He'd say something like "no you may, but you may go next to Emily." Then Sunday we got ready to go to church and went to church. Nothing really exciting happened there, just the usual. People did come up to us and say "So are you going to have 5 kids now?" Or "So are you ready for kids??" etc. Then after church we came home and had lunch and the kids did so good at cleaning up the downstairs and we made m&m cookies and they do so good at sharing. I think the whole weekend I heard them get into an argument which consisted of he hit me or something like stop it, but I heard it like once and that was it.
It made me think back to my childhood and I'm sure my mom heard us say that like 1 time every minute!! I don't think we were very friendly to one another growing up. Then I went upstairs and Robbie was trying to sneak a nap (which I was going to try doing that but he had beat me to it so I couldn't...) but he had been playing trucks with Ben and Ben would bring blocks to Robbie and say "Here's your money", Robbie would shake his hand and say "Thank you for your business sir" and that lasted for a good hour. It was hilarious to watch. I just love little kids they are so entertaining and fun just to observe. It makes me realize how much I've grown up and it makes me sad!! I miss not having a care in the world and could have a wild imagination and not have people think I was crazy! But overall we had a good weekend even though we were exhausted and it gave me a new respect for mothers because they do so much that I think goes unnoticed! So thank you all the mothers out in the world for all that you do for your children!!!!!

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Heather said...

I am glad they were mostly good for you and y'all had lots of fun. Most especially though, I'm very thankful that you would take the time to take such good care of our kids so that my husband and I could have some much needed time away! We miss you already!