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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My adventures at NTFP are over!!!

Today was my last day of work at North Tarrant Family Practice. In a way I am sad but in another way I am happy because that means a new adventure in our life is about to begin. I have worked at NTFP for 2 in a half years and for the most part I really enjoyed it! I enjoyed the people I worked with and the friends I made and I will really miss them! I learned a lot while being there and I know that will help me in my next job that I get.
Dr. Kirby, Dr. Sudha, me, Donna and Tammy(notice Tammy and my matching shirts!!!)

Me and Dr. Kirby (my favorite doctor!!!) She was also my best cake customer. I will miss seeing her and having her give me a hard time about something or other!!!
Me and Donna

Me and Diane

Me and Stacy

Me and Angel (she got me Starbucks on my last day!!! YES!!)

Tesa, Sheila, Tania, Becky, Danielle (in front), Jamie, Amy

Jamie and Lee
I helped with her mother Else for a few months and became close to them. They really are great people and will really miss them.

Me and Else. I love her so much! We played many games of dominoes and bingo and just had good laughs. She is a great lady.

Me and Lori

Tammy, Jamie and Lori
We decided to all wear our matching scrubs on Monday just for the heck of it. Don't we look so cute???
So I will miss all the friends I've made but I am very grateful for the influence they have had on my life! I know God puts people in our lives for reasons even if we don't know what it is at the time!!!! So farewell NTFP but not goodbye!! It's always see ya later.


Kiera said...

Man, I will miss my connection with the doctors office!! Good luck with your move! We will miss you!

vlistig said...

Hey Jamie, where's my picture???
Good luck to you. Vanessa