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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Trip to Utah

So I'm so excited to be going to Utah on Friday!!!!! We leave Friday morning and come home Tuesday night. I am sad because one of my brothers will be down at Lake Powell and my sister will be in Richfield with her in-laws so I will miss them (or I'll see them very briefly on Monday) but I'm so excited to see the rest of my family!!!! I had a niece, Ella, born in December and so I will get the opportunity to meet her and spend time with the rest of my nieces and nephews and grandparents! It will be a good trip. We're hoping that it won't be as stressful as all of our other vacations where we have something planned every day. We're just taking it day by day and see what comes up. We're hoping to be able to play volleyball (well I'm hoping) on Sunday at our family bbq but my mom said it's suspose to rain all weekend! Pray that it doesn't rain. I am just so excited. It has been since Thanksgiving since I've seen my family and since last February since Robbie's seen them so it will be a good visit!!! Just had to post about it because I'm so excited and had to share the news with everyone!!!!!!!


JSL & A said...

Hey, I didnt know you had a blog, or maybe I did and it sliped my old lady mind. But I am glad you found mine. I hope you have fun in Utah and get to play some v-ball.

aurora said...

Sounds like a great trip! I love getting away.
Be safe and take lots of pics!

Kiera said...

Have fun and tell your mom hi for me!!!

Heath and Adrienne said...

Good to hear from you. Yah we had a blast. Hope you guys have a great trip too! I agree, it's much more fun to just play trips by ear and not have all these events planned. Have fun!

geNeric_gurL said...

yay for visiting us. maybe you'll get to witness Suzi taking another dive for the volleyball in all her pregnant glory.