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Thursday, May 22, 2008


Dani singing her RESPECT song for us. She didn't do it for very long but it was still funny. She acts like she's all bashful and stuff but she's really not. We played the slapping hand games for like 20 minutes and she bruised my hand all up. It was fun but even funner to show everyone the bruises today!! (I get enjoyment out of the dumbest things).
So we had an American Idol party last night at Teri's house since we're such avid watchers of the show. We watch it every week and all guess who we think is going to go home. The whole time I was shooting for David Archuleta and was completely bummed he didn't win but I think David Cook was an amazing singer too. We watched the whole two hours of some good singers, some ok singers and some amazing singers. What was up with Michael George??? His song wasn't very good.

So why is it that the finale has to be a whole 2 hours long? It's probably the most awaited show ever and people wait until the last five minutes to watch it because that's when they do the results. Anyways, it will still always be my favorite show to watch every year especially when they are all auditioning and there's awful singers on there. Did you hear that SLC will be one of the audition cities next year??? Maybe I should try out....or not. I would be one of the people other people laugh at!!!

This is Teri and Becky. My bestest friends at work!! They are some of the best people and we always are laughing at each other. What's work without people you can laugh at and laugh with??? I love these guys!!! What's life without friends that you can have fun with??? Anyways, I'm sure I blubbered on and on but I had a ton of fun at the American Idol party and hope to continue the tradition.


aurora said...

It looks like you guys had a blast!
I am sad that the season is over. Last night I bought tickets for Maddy and Stephie and I to see the Top 10 Idol tour at American Airlines Center in August!! Woo Hoo!!
I am glad that David Cook won- thought I loved David Archuleta... I would have loved either one... they were both amazing and I look forward to hearing their music.

Kiera said...

looks like that was fun!!

wapygal said...

Looks like waaay too much fun!

kristi said...

We were hooked ourselves on American Idol..kids and all! David Cook has become all that Cameron will now listen to!