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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Some Pictures of Robbie

This is one of my most favorite wedding picture we got!!!

Robbie's a General Conference Junkie and will listen to it over and over!!!

He always has funny saying shirts

Ever serious???

Having some fun!!!


aurora said...

I love the wedding picture of you guys! So romantic! ♥♥♥

Great pics of Robbie. He is a great guy.

mikeynannie said...

Jamie that is such a great idea about doing one on Robbie. We get to see your perspective of him. I absolutely love the wedding picture. It has such emotion!! We love you guys!

kristi said...

That wedding picture should be in a magazine!

Madillios said...

Jamie Your wedding photo is so beautiful, you and robbie look like such a cute couple!! I would love to look at your weding album I bet it is stunning - Did Heather do your photos ?

The Chaffin's said...

We had a professional photographer. She did an amazing job. Heather did about everything else. She did my hair and makeup and decorations for the reception. When's the next time you'll be in Utah and I'd love to show off the pics!!!

The Chaffin's said...
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