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Saturday, April 19, 2008

My cake collection!!

Brandi's birthday cake (First cake done ever!!!!)

Brandi's goodbye cake (treasure chest)

Trip around the world (stars for where Steph had been in her life)

Sheila's birthday cake

Miniature spongebob

Lori's birthday cake

Melissa's goodbye cake

Tyler's birthday cake

Purse cake (looks more like a car battery huh??)

Anna's birthday boot

Tony Stuart car (First 3-d car ever)

Kim's graduation cake

Snowman Cake

Vince Young Jersey

Hamburger and Fries Cake

Baby Shower Cake

Robbie's birthday cake

Thanksgiving Cake for Dr. Kirby

Cute thanksgiving cookies

Donna's 50th birthday cake

Cookies are to be spread around the football and helmet

Dallas Helmet and football

Monkey made out of fondant and tootsie rolls

Curious George Cake

Cookies go on top of Congratulation Cake

Graduation Cake

Wilton Class cake

Wilton Class cake

Temple cake topper (project I did for a friend)

Make-up cake
(bag made out of gumpaste)

Diego Cake (not very good...)

Spiderman 3 cake

Relief Society Enrichment cake

High School Musical cake

Dr. Hodgson's wife's bday cake

75th Birthday cake

Zune Cake

Sandy's Birthday cake

Slot Machine

OSU birthday cake

Patriot's fan birthday cake (all free hand)

50th Birthday cake

A Rise Up cake for a bible study group (made to pattern the flier)

Dr. Kirby's birthday cake (first topsy turvy cake)

Jennifer's birthday cake (favorite cake I have ever done)

Flip flops for a going away party!

Amy's birthday cake for work (rice krispie turtle)

Closer view of the turtles and fish!

Amy's birthday cake for her surprise party!

Sheila's goodbye cake!! We sure miss her!

Operation Cake for Doctor's Day

Race track for the races for Dr. Kirby (she bought cars to put on it)

Purse for Relief Society Birthday

Another try at the giant cupcake

Cupcake For Dr. Kirby and her family

Rubber Duck cake for Kinley's 1st birthday

So these are all of the cakes I've done in my short career. I've needed somewhere to post them so that if people ask I can tell them to come here. I think I've gotten better over the last year and I hope that I continue to get better and better! I love doing it and so if you ever need any cakes for any occasions just think of Jamie's Creative Creations!!!


Jenny said...

Those are AWESOME!!!! You are so talented! I wish you could ship to TN!

Heather said...

Wow! That's an awful lot of cute, creative wonderful cakes! I'm glad you found my blog, I'm going to add yours to my list too!

kristi said...

Hey I found your blog off of Heathers!! I can't believe you have been so busy doing those awesome cakes! You really are talented because I took that darn Wilton class at Michaels a couple of years ago and none of mine ever semed to turn out. So I gave up! There were so many that were my "favorite" but I really liked Curious George, SpongeBob, and the temple topper (was that cake?)

kristi mayer

mikeynannie said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for putting them on your blog. They are amazing!!! My favorite is the hamburger!! I love it! I love it! I love it!!!

Heath and Adrienne said...

Hey guys! Where have you been!??! We were just thinking about you the other day and wondering what you were up to! We miss going to hotels with you and all that fun stuff! Glad we found your blog. Visit ours anytime! We should get together and do something! Hope to hear from you soon!

Heath and Adrienne Breinholt

Little Lovables said...

Oh wow, those are all amazing!! Here's one I did, it was rough for that one, I don't think I could ever do that again.


Here's the video tutorial site, just type in "cakes decorating" or "baking" or something.


Madillios said...

hi aunt Jamie I loved seeing your cakes I really liked the purse battery car one we have a blog now its www.madiilio.blogspot.com will you leave a coment for me under my picture. Love you lots love celena

aurora said...

Jamie, these are great! I love the hamburger and fries, the giant cupcake and the 50th birthday one-- and many more! wow.