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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Biggest Loser!!!!!!

At work we started the biggest loser. We all put $5 in and weighed ourselves and then every week we will be weighing in and if we gain any weight we have to put $1 in the pot for every pound gained and we're doing it until July 1st. Whoever has lost the most bmi (body mass index) will receive all the money in the pot!!!! Dr. Hodgson and Dr. Sudha also have said that they will add a little something to "sweeten" the pot. So wish me luck. I've gone since Sunday without any chocolate and I think I'm going through withdrawals. For those who know me they know that I can't live without chocolate and if it was considered a meal I'd eat it for every meal. It's been a challenge but it's been interesting to hear people compete against each other but also to cheer each other on! I think it's brought the office closer together and we've all had a lot of fun doing it. The drug reps have been bringing in healthier lunches and that's really helped too. I weighed myself today just to give myself that extra push (I was worried because yesterday I tried weighing myself and the scale wouldn't stable out and so I had thought I hadn't lost anything). So Diane asked how I was doing and I said good and she weighed me and guess what???? I had lost 4 1/2 lbs since Monday. Goes to show that the sweets really add up. I've gone a year without sweets before I just haven't been able to do it lately but I'm so proud of myself because I've done so well and stuck with it. I've also been introduced to little packets that flavor your water that helps you drink more water!! I love them. I drank probably 3 times as much water today as I have in the past. I love all the little tricks everyone has shared to help them. We've all really relied on each other even though we are competing against each other. It helps me be motivated so that hopefully I will have lost a good amount of weight before we go to Utah (so I have about a month....) I just had to share my great news because I was so excited when I found out!!!!

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Kiera said...

Congratulations!! That is awesome. I have not lost anything in three weeks. It is very depressing. I think it is awesome that your work is doing that!