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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Favorite Thing.....

Brooklynn was making a funny face so I told Robbie to match her face....but then Brooklynn changed her face....
 She will always be safe in her daddy's hands....

 Such a proud daddy

Their morning reading/music time. 

So I sure hope Robbie doesn't get mad at me for posting this....but the one thing I have loved the most, by far, is how much he loves Brooklynn! Even before she was born he was looking up dollhouses and talking about how she's not going to date until she is like 50, etc. He initially wanted a son so that he could coach the sports teams and rough house with him and when he found out we were having a girl he was wrapped right around her finger. 

Right after she was delivered he was right by her side just admiring her and watching everything they were doing to get her cleaned up. From the minute she arrived in this world he has made sure he has taken care of her and done what needs to be done. 

He is sooo cute with her. He asks me to text him pics of her throughout the day so that he can just see her. He has introduced her to different types of music (she won't learn this from me....I barely know any bands), he reads to her, he takes time every day just to enjoy her. I know that she just loves her daddy because he can get her to smile pretty much on cue and as soon as I try she won't do it. She'll do anything for him and vice versa. 

Having a child has made me realize how much I really love Robbie. I know I loved him before but just seeing him hold Brooklynn when she's crying and trying to make her feel better just melts my heart. He is just such an amazing guy and I'm so thankful he is in my life and that we will be together forever!!

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