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Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Latest Project

One of my closest friends at work decided that she needed to go to the nursing program at the University of Utah and so she quit at work. :( It was a sad day for me because the is one of the few people that I could actually talk to and not ever wonder if she was judging me or that she was going to go tell someone else everything that I just told her! 
I don't make friends very easily and so it was hard for me to say good bye but I know that we will stay in touch and still hang out lots and lots!  
So for her goodbye present I found this cute cross stitch pattern that was perfect and made it for her and put it in a frame. I thought it turned out really cute and it didn't take an incredible amount of time...just a month. What do you think of it???? 


Nicole Love said...

I'm sorry about your friend! The cross stitch is really cute!

Mike and Leslie said...

I love it! And thank you so much! I have it sitting on my shelf right now. It makes me smile whenever I see it. I'm going to miss you, Jamie! You are the best ever!