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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Primary Party

This is the whole group around the fire. From L to R Joseph, Cole, Taylor, Skyler, Jesse, Nathan, McKenna and Sarah

Sarah and McKenna enjoying the fire
Joseph enjoying a messy smore and Cole pulling a face in the background
Nathan always had something in his mouth!!! He was in heaven that we were roasting hot dogs
Me, McKenna and Sarah
Taylor, Skyler, Jesse and Nathan (once again with food in his mouth)
Not exactly what Cole is doing here....
Nathan really enjoying his smore
The boys playing Halo! They always have to "save the world" when they are together!!!1
Last year we taught the 11-12 year olds at church and just really grew to love them!! We promised we would do a class party and I know it's a little after the fact but we still did it! These kids are so cute and I love when they make an extra effort to say hi to us at church. Or they come over to Robbie and talk to him about random stuff!! They are just the greatest kids ever and we had a lot of fun with them coming over to our house and roast hot dogs and marshmallows!!

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kat said...

You and Robbie should just know that the impact you two made on these great kids will be always remembered--by them as they grow up and by their grateful parents. Thank you for loving them!