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Friday, February 25, 2011

Number Cakes

 This was a train cake that I did and I'll add a picture tomorrow with some trees on it. I thought it turned out pretty cute. 

This was major sugar rush cake that I made for my friend's son! It's surrounded with kit kats and then skittles on top! I've done one with kit kats around it but just not this big. It was pretty fun to make.

 I just had to add this picture in here of another kit kat cake I did a few years ago that was so simple yet so delicious!!! It's a chocolate 8 in cake stacked with kit kats and M&Ms on it. I think it was gone within an hour of serving it!!! And better yet it took me like 20 minutes to decorate it.


Nicole Love said...

I love your candy cakes! They look so pretty!

Mommy, RN said...

Ooooo! I think the #2 cake is one of my favorite cakes you've ever made!