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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Nothing Much

I've started blogs the last couple of weeks and just haven't finished them because they just sound dumb or I just don't know how to finish them. So I'll just give a brief overview of what we've been doing the last couple of weeks.

Robbie's sister, Katy, came down from BYU Idaho to spend the 19-28th with us and we had so much fun with her. Robbie's other sister, Stephanie, flew in on Wednesday the 24th to spend Thanksgiving in UT. So for Thanksgiving day we went to Robbie's grandparents house and had ham and turkey and all the delicious fixings that come with it!!! We had a lot of fun and it was a big group that was there this year. Usually there is only about 6 or 7 of us but this year there was 11!!! Grandma Chaffin is one of the best cooks that I know and so I love going there to eat. Steph also took some cute pics of us and so when she posts them I will share them with you!! She's an amazing photographer.

Then Friday I had planned a surprise lunch for Robbie's birthday, which was on Sunday, at Red Lobster and had some of his friends come. It was a lot of fun to just hang out and talk. Then we went to Kohl's and shopped for a few minutes and went home and hung out some more!!!

Saturday we went to Robbie's aunt and uncles house for dinner and had a great time with more family and great food!! The season is starting to be surrounded by family and I love it. I don't know if I love being around the little kids more or just being surrounded by those that I love!!!

Sunday we went to my parents house for Robbies, mine and my brother's birthday dinner and had some fun. We've started a tradition lately of playing the candy bar game, where you wrap a giant candy bar up in newspaper really thick and then you sit in a circle and roll dice and if you get doubles you get to open it up with a fork and knife and it's so much fun. We usually have a wide range of people playing that you get a bunch of different reactions.

This week I will be turning 30 and I feel like I'm getting so old. I told Robbie that I didn't want to just sit at home and do nothing for my birthday so he planned a trip to Las Vegas which I am so excited about!! We leave Friday and will go down to St. George and spend the night with his grandparents and great grandma and then on Saturday we will head to Las Vegas and just have a lot of fun!!! I'm very excited and I'll post pics when we get back!


kelly said...

have fun in vegas. turning 30 isn't so bad.

Nichole said...

can i just say that so far i have enjoyed my 30's more than any other decade! :) I'll be 33 in a few weeks!
i'm your new follower...cute dog too :)