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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Guess who's 3????

This is a picture that was taken of Cassie before we adopted her so she was probably 2-3 months old and she's next to one of the labs that Jennifer, her foster mom, owns. The funny thing is the toy that she has is just like a toy we bought her without even realizing it and she loves it!!! We really liked her because of her ears. Aren't they so cute???

Katy, my sister-in-law, took this cute picture of Cassie last night and thought it was so cute.

Here's another one that Katy took. When Cassie has her ears back like that she's usually in trouble.
She's such a cute dog and we love having her. Her birthday is November 3rd and we got her when she was 4 months old, already kennel trained, mostly potty trained. Robbie taught her how to shake, give high 5, play dead and roll over. Except now when she rolls over she like twists in a circle like 3 times and then rolls over and it reminds me of our family dog Rusty who used to do that.
Cassie loves peanut butter, playing outside, especially playing fetch and she loves to play hide and go seek.

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