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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Daily Herald Newspaper SUCKS!!!!!!

So I recently went to a coupon clipping class to hopefully help me save money. I enjoyed what the teacher said and was like, "wow I could save us lots of money by clipping coupons." The teacher had mentioned that you can sign up with the newspaper company to get more than one newspaper on Sundays so you have more coupons and she even mentioned that the Daily Herald was the best one to get because they are good to work with because if they missed a delivery they wouldn't just credit your account they would actually deliver the paper so you have the coupons....so I was hooked!!! I went home and told Robbie about it and being the great husband that he is he let me subscribe to the newspaper.

So the first Sunday it was almost like Christmas morning....waking up and thinking, "hey there's 3 papers out there waiting for me to go through them and cut coupons" and so I go outside and what do I find???? Just one newspaper. Ok so I figured there was just a small glitch and I would just have to call and have them fix the problem on Monday. So I was happy at least I got one set of coupons I could clip to start saving money.

I call the Daily Herald on Monday and they're like, "Oh I'm sorry about that. It looks like there wasn't a route hooked to your delivery" (or some crap like that). "We'll have those papers out to you asap." So I get home and there's 3 papers on my driveway so I was temporarily happy!!!!

Come the next Sunday I'm all excited because "Yay, I have more coupons to clip!!!" I go outside and what do you know??? There's only one stupid newspaper!!! So by this time I'm kind of ticked that I have to make ANOTHER call to the stupid people and once again they said they would fix it. And what do you know?? I had faith in them. And I came home and there were my papers.....

To make a long story short.....this happened another 2 freaking times! With the last time I called and the girl was like "Ok I have that fixed for you so it won't happen again." So I wake up this morning and am excited because they promised me they would have it fixed and I look outside and guess what?? Only one paper!

So I call and canceled my subscription and they didn't even try to make me happy. It was like they knew they sucked and nothing they did could make me happy so they just canceled it for me. IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Needless to say I'm sad that I won't get my coupons...until I figure out what other newspaper is suppose to be better. What happened to pleasing the customer and trying to fix the problem? I don't think of myself as a mean person but maybe I need to start being mean because then they'll understand that they really suck and they should fix that. Anyone else have bad experiences with Daily Herald?? Anyone have good tips on a good newspaper that I don't have to call weekly to get my subscription right??????

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Michelle and Landon said...

It was probably the person who delivers your paper fault, not the actual daily herald. My mom delivers papers for them and she says that some of the people that deliver the papers for the sunday cupon thing dont deliver them all because then they have a crap load more papers on sunday, so they ignore the fact that you signed up for 3 papers.