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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nothing Exciting

We haven't really been up to anything exciting. I realized that I don't update my blog too often cuz I always feel like I have to have pictures included and since I don't take pictures much then I don't post often so I decided even though I don't have pictures I will update anyways!!!

Bear Lake!!!
A few weeks ago we took our annual Bear Lake trip. This has been a family trip we have been doing for at least 15 years and the last 2 years were the years that all 6 kids were there with my parents. We always have a ton of fun!
We go and camp at a campsite at the north end of Bear Lake and then go to the Beach when we can. We play volleyball at the campground and this year we did wheelbarrow races with all the little kids and then we had an adult round and it was hilarious to watch!!
We always make so many fun memories while we are up there. One night Cierra and I slept in my brother's and sister's boat under the stars in our AMAZING sleeping bag that keeps you real warm.
This year we made ice cream which was a tradition my grandpa would do every year (and for my birthday) and since he's passed away we haven't done it so we decided to carry it on!!! Next year it will be raspberry ice cream. I love Bear Lake and I love hearing my brother, Jeff's, and brother-in-law, Sean's, stories that they share around the firepit. I felt like this year I was able to spend a lot of time with my niece, Cierra, Aleksia and Gentry!!! I wish I was able to spend more time with them!!!

Family Visiting
We had Robbie's mom, dad and sister come and stay with us for the weekend and I had a blast!!! They came so they could take Katy to BYU Idaho and we were blessed to be able to have them stay with us (so it helped us clean out our back room so now it's actually liveable).
We were able to go up to Temple Square on Saturday and see the Joseph Smith movie and also see the Temple Replica they have at the south Visitor center and it was so neat!! The movie is so spiritual and it makes me have a stronger testimony of Joseph Smith and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Why would he be so persecuted and withstand it if it wasn't true?? He was a much stronger person than I ever could be.
Saturday night we went to dinner with one of Patty's high school friend and then went to Macey's and got one of their delicious ice cream cones. Yummy.
Sunday we went to church which I was able to go to Sunday school and relief society and it was so good. We had such good lessons and the spirit was very strong.
After church we were able to go visit the Chaffin family and hear some fun stories from Grandpa Chaffin and Grandma Chaffin. They are such great people and I love going to see them. Then we went and saw some of Robbie's aunt, uncle and cousins that we haven't seen in awhile.
It was fun to just be with family and spend good quality time with them!! I hope they come back soon!!! We love you Bob and Patty.

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kelly said...

so glad to hear your are well, have a clean back room and had some visitors.