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Sunday, July 18, 2010

What a Week

This week was kind of a really long, emotional week but it was one of the best. My biological father passed away 2 weeks ago and so his funeral was this week. It was good to hear stories of him because I didn't really know him. And it was good to see family that I haven't seen in a really long time. The most exciting thing of the week was I got to meet my brother from Florida that I just always heard stories about. Him and his mom flew out (I love his mom like my own) and it was so fun to see how excited he was to realize he has nieces and nephews, brother in laws, sister in laws and especially a BIG brother. He just kept saying "I can't believe that I have a big brother. I've always wanted one!!!!!" It was such a good week with family reconnections and it makes me want to be around cousins more. Here's a few pics of the week and of just the good times we had!

This is my dad. The last time I saw him was about 13 years ago. I was told he was going through some major life changes in the past year.

"Old Uncle Sean" and "New Uncle Sean" playing with Cooper, Aleksia and Ella. They were having so much fun. Aleksia asked New Uncle Sean "Why can't you just move to America???" It was so cute!! (Sean is from Florida so I'm sure to a child that seems so far away.)
We had to specify between the two Sean's and so that's why I refer to them new and old uncle Sean. It stuck and it made us all laugh!

New Uncle Sean and Old Uncle Sean with Ella. Ella is usually pretty shy but she was jumping all over both of them. I took so many pictures of them because I thought it was so cute.

Lezlie, Me and Sean. When I was 11 I lived with my dad and Lezlie and I just love her. She is the most sincere, good woman alive. She has raised a wonderful boy!

These are ally my living aunts and uncles and my dad. Back row, L to right: Dan (my dad), Bruce, Richard, Kent (Kent lives in Texas so we have been able to see him a lot more than the others).
Front row: Mary, Judy, Patty.
This was at my aunt Mary's baptism taken last month.

Cooper thinking New Uncle Sean was a jungle gym and Ella watching and having fun.

Me and Cierra at the luncheon after the funeral

This is the first time all five siblings are together. Left to Right: Jeff, Sean, Heidi, Jamie, Heather.

This was the night before the funeral and all the kids practicing their song. Mary is such an amazing pianist and singer so after she sang some songs for us. We were having so much fun just being together.

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kelly said...

sorry about the loss of your dad. happy to see that you had some great reconnections.