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Monday, February 1, 2010

New Challenge

I started a new challenge last Sunday of eating no sweets for a month. My sis-in-law, Katy, was the one who initiated it and so if I eat sweets I have to take her out to eat and if she eats sweets then she takes me out! So I'm going to try doing it for a year again. I'll go a month and then the day after I can eat sweets for a day and then go back to not eat sweets for another month. I know I've done it completely with no cheat days for a month but I think I'll do better if I have cheat days. Then it gives me something good to look forward to. It's helped me to try to eat better. Robbie and I have also started going to the rec center to work out so I'm hoping that this is a new lifestyle for us and it will help out tremendously! I was proud of myself today because I have never worked out twice in one day but today I did it! I'm sure I'll be sore tomorrow but it will definitely be worth it!

Sorry about the no blogging. I just feel like there's nothing real exciting going on here. Robbie was laid off in October and then worked for UPS until Christmas eve but now he's looking for a job again. Can I just say that it sucks right now to find a job. I swear in October we filled out about 100 applications and he didn't hear from anyone. So if you know of any good people hiring let us know!

I decided that I'm going to go back school in the fall for nursing because the whole culinary arts thing isn't going to work out right now. I wish it would but all the programs have to be done during the day except Art Institute of Utah and I'd be paying $50,000 for a year and a half and it's not worth it to me. So the medical field is usually always hiring and it would be fun to work in like labor and delivery or something. So I just have to get the out of state tuition and stuff figured out before then! That's about all for us here in Orem.


Adrienne said...

Good luck with the sweets challenge and the out of state tuition stuff. I know we were looking into that when Heath was interested in the U of U. Healthcare is a great place to work (although we should get better health benefits) and there's always a need for nurses! You'd be a great one!

kelly said...

sorry about the job. but glad to hear you have chose a direction, even if its not your first choice. good luck jamie!