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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bear Lake Trip

Cierra, Celena, Jen, Mom


Jen, Celena, Aleksia, Jamie, Ella, Cierra

Jamie, Ella, Cierra


So this past weekend was our annual Bear Lake trip. I think this was one of the funnest trips. All 6 kids came with their families (except Robbie didn't go). So there was mom, dad, Heidi, Sean, Cierra, Celena, Heather, Rob, Aleksia, Cooper, Ella, Jeff, Suzi, Gentry, Tallen, me, Jen, Eliot, and A.J. and then Suzi's sister and mom came. We would play volleyball, baseball, play at the beach. It was cool because the first night Cierra, Celena and I layed out and watched for shooting stars. We saw about 50-60 of them. It was so awesome. I love bear lake and the memories it creates!!!


mikeynannie said...

MAN!!! That looks like so much fun! That sounds like such a relaxing, enjoyable time.

Kiera said...

Looks like lots of fun! We went a couple weeks ago and had a blast!