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Thursday, January 8, 2009


I just have to vent for a little bit...so please forgive me...Our New Years Resolutions are doing really well I think. We've stuck to reading the scriptures every night (Robbie's been the go getter on this one) and it's completely brought a change in both of us I think. I notice I'm happier and I just feel better. We also started our institute class last night which covers the 2nd half of the Book of Mormon and we have the same teacher as we had last semester and we just love him! So we'll be reading those assignments on our own and read together on other parts. Then we've been praying a lot more which I think helps too.

With no sweets or soda...I haven't had a diet pepsi or any kind of soda since New Years day and haven't had any sweets since then either. Robbie didn't really go along with the sweets thing with me but he's done really good too. He hasn't had any soda since New Years as well. So we're hoping that we'll feel a change (and now that I think about it...I don't feel as tired at work and it's sometimes easier for me to get up in the morning).

We did our first work out last night on the wii. Talk about being out of shape!!! Oh my gosh. I have a ways to go but I might as well start somewhere right? We ran in place for 4 minutes and I thought I was going to die. Then we did lunges and then 30 situps. I think we were both just way out of shape.

But it seems like here we're trying to be so good in every aspect of our lives, we've spent way less money in the last 2 weeks than we have like in forever and it's been hard but I feel good but it still seems there's opposition. Which I know there always will be because when you're doing something you're suspose to then stuff just happens. So I'm trying to be strong and be positive but it's still really hard. I think I've handled things better now than I would have 2 months ago. We've been lucky with the house that we're living in and everything that has come with it, but the company is possibly shutting down so we might have to find somewhere else to live which will be more expensive and right now we're just trying to get into a position where we'd be ok but it's just scary. It's so sad to hear about all the jobs people have lost and I guess it just hasn't affected me personally so I haven't thought about it as much but who knows if something would happen and would we be prepared? Isn't life suspose to be easy? :) We were talking at work today and I was kidding around and was like "well my life is sooo easy." And one of my friends was like "yeah that's right you have a husband and a dog and so that makes everything easy right???" It was just funny. I am grateful for our good health and the things we have been blessed for I just think things are going to get a lot harder before they get better. (Thanks for letting me just talk!!!)


James said...

Good job on your resolutions!

James said...

Sorry, That was me before. I just didn't realize I was posting as James! I hope you guys continue to do well on your workouts and stuff! No sweets! That is a hard one!

aurora said...

It sounds like you are doing all of the right things and I think that you guys are great! But, you are right, it is usually when you are trying really hard to do the right things that you get opposition (and to me, sometimes it is myself that just feels like things are worse than they are... that is MY opposition)
Hang in there! love ya'