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Saturday, December 6, 2008


(This is not the actual toilet)

The preface of the story comes from when we were moving here from Texas and we were driving through the canyon we saw this big truck with a big tank and on his bumper it said "Got Poop?" .....
For the past couple of days our toilet has been acting really weird and would keep running and overflow. Or just wouldn't flush completely and we were confused as to why it wasn't working.
So yesterday Robbie comes to me and says "Jamie there's some unusual 'stuff' out in the gated area that's not very sanitary." I'm thinking in my head that's gross and I don't want to deal with it.
So I was out with my mom last night and we were eating dinner and I told her the story (I know perfect timing right???) and she said that she thought the house was on a septic tank and was probably full. So we call the landlord today to see if we can get it taken care of and he's sending someone over to look at it and hopefully it will be taken care of asap. It is gross and I'm sure soon it's going to stink...
Anyone wanna come clean out a septic tank for us? I'm sure it won't be too hard and won't smell too bad. Could you imagine having that as your job. My hat goes off to those men and women who help us keep the world more sanitary!!!!
Makes ya hungry for tootsie rolls huh??? I'm thinking that since we can't use the toilet until it's been emptied we might just have to use Heidi's trailer bathroom and just not tell her! (Shhhh it's a secret)


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Jamie, that's just GROSS!!! What a fantastic picture of Poo!!!