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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Christmas Traditions

So I feel as though I should post but don't really have anything significant to post about so I thought it would be fun to post about some of my family Christmas traditions and hear others traditions! People call me a scrooge cuz I don't really like Christmas music especially if it's playing Halloween night! That's way too soon. It shouldn' t be played until Dec. 1st-same with lights and trees being put up but I guess I can't control everything right????
So I'll share my favorite family traditions that I hope to pass on to my children one day!
1-Every year my mom makes gingerbread houses and we get together and decorate them then after the season is over we can eat the candy. When we were little we'd cake on the candy so we'd have awesome candy to eat....now it's all about decorating and making them look cool.
2-Every year we get our favorite kind of cereal. When we were little that was our favorite thing because we didn't eat much sugar cereal until we got a little older so it was like a treat to us.
3-We always have awesome stuff in our stocking-like jewelry and stuff like that. The stocking's always been my favorite to open because of what Santa put in it...such as swedish fish, sour patch kids, oranges, etc.
4-When we were little we'd do 12 days of Christmas to a family and every night come up with a poem (I think my mom usually came up with it) and then we'd go deliver the item. It made us think of someone else instead of ourselves.
5-We usually go to Festival of Trees and my favorite part is always the gingerbread houses and the little booths that sells stuff that's homemade. That's where I get a lot of Christmas gift ideas from.
6-Robbie's mom always makes them pants every year and that's the one gift they get to open on Christmas eve and then they wear them Christmas day! I love that one!
7-One Robbie and I have started last year was to buy different houses and stuff for a village to display somewhere during Christmas. This year we found some really cool ones at the DI for really cheap!

So I'm sure there's more that I can't really think of right now....but that's some of them that make me enjoy Christmas. I'm sure there will be more over the years as well. So what are some of your traditions???


Little Lovables said...

I love the gingerbread house and cereal traditions!

For us, we always opened the obscure relative gift on Christmas Eve, and our mom always put toothpaste/toothbrush or floss in our stockings to balance out all of the candy.

We also do a homemade craft night, we make ornaments together, so we get a little something for us, while still having family time together.

Heath and Adrienne said...

hehe Heath and I do the Christmas village too!

Heath's family always opens pajamas for Christmas Eve and then wears them to bed.

Most of my family's traditions have changed in the past couple years due to growing up, but we used to always get together with my dad's side Christmas Eve, spend Christmas day with my immediate family, and then get together with my mom's side sometime after that.

aurora said...

We have a lot of the same traditions! Funny.
We love to make gingerbread houses on New Year's day-- spreads out the holiday a bit and we can get the candy on sale!
We used to do red long underwear for the whole family to wear Christmas Eve, but that was about 30 pounds ago! so we go for regular fun PJs.
12 Day of Christmas; driving to see the lights; baking cookies-- fun! Can't wait. ☺

JSL & A said...

THose are fun. We dont have many but the traditional pj gift on christmas eve, And sometimes we eat a big breakfast for dinner on christmas eve, thats my favorite and then eat cookies for breakfast.

madillio's said...

Jamie I love how you wrote your taditions down, thats great and I am going to take you up on that and do it to !! :)